Our Story

Welcome to LoveyLoch Products, 

It all started when sweet baby Lochlan was born with a rare skin disease called Ichthyosis. I knew as a new mom, I would have to fight for my child's health and do my own digging on what obstacles he would face in the future. 

This disease is so rare we have yet to meet someone in the medical field in our province who even knows how to pronounce it.. let alone know what it entails. 

When Lochlan was 6 months old, I wanted him to be able to play with more toys to encourage some of the new things he was learning. 

With his skin being one of the bigger concerns with Ichthyosis, I thoroughly dug into all of the companies that make these types of products. I learned that some of their ingredients would potentially leave him broke out and even in pain. 

I decided to make a batch of play-dough, and it turned out perfect! A couple weeks later I made bath crayons, which turned out even more perfect! Friends and family were contacting me about how they could get some, I soon realized.. this is the buisness venture I have been looking for! Bath crayons and play-dough were the original products LoveyLoch started with, Bath crayons soon became my best-seller. 


I knew I had to do more for my Ichthyosis community, which is why we donate a portion of all revenue to the First Skin Foundation. 

We all have our own battles with our children, LoveyLoch Products is how I battle mine. Motherhood is a crazy journey! 

Love, Hillary